Nume Asociaţia ARS DOR
Nume engleza ARS DOR Association
Leader Ghenadie Sontu
Adresa 59/1 Calea Esilor str., of 109
Telefon +373 79574875
Numar 2111
Anul 2002
Categorii [Arta, Cultura si Traditii Populare][Integrare europeană][Politici publice]
Activitati Vision of ARS DOR is: Identity +Integrity + Heart = Impact ARS DOR unifies and presents a new generation of art managers, curators, young artists and intellectuals of Moldova. Since its establishment in 2002 ARS DOR organizes projects aimed at revival of society through art, creating an alternative for young intellectuals from cultural fields such as visual art, music, literature, anthropology, philosophy, etc. ARS DOR has experience in implementing various socio-cultural projects, such as internationals artistic camps, art exhibitions, launches of books, conferences and workshops, involving more than 10000 people in its activities. In June 2006 ARS DOR with the support of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (UNESCO) launched the International Project “Eurointegration through Art” that had mission to contribute through art to the process of European integration. Artists from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Latvia and Georgia were selected to become Ambassadors for Eurointegration through art and to express their vision on importance of culture and the role of artist in the process of European integration. The Project was nominated for Sail of Papenburg 2006 Award of cross-border cooperation. Currently ARS DOR is involved in the programs of Soros Foundation of Moldova and European Cultural Foundation related to art management and cultural policy of Moldova. Also in partnership with Moldoexpo Center we organise one of the most important international art events in Moldova “Ax Art”.
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