Oct 5, 2010

Call for the participants from Poland, Russia and Moldova

Dates: October 22-28, 2010

Target group: young people aged 20-35, who are interested in human rights theme.

Working language: English/Russian
The project s aim is to enlarge the outlook of young people to the human rights issues, teach them how to implement the knowledge about their rights and responsibilities in their lives; encourage them to spread the information on these themes in their communities. 

The objectives of the training are: - introduce the fundamental of human rights to the participants by means of a method when they design the Rights Declaration by their own; - show the ways how they can use them on practice; - give good examples when young people defended their rights; - train the participants to conduct trainings on human rights in their communities among their peers; - encourage them to develop cooperation between the organizations which they represent for future initiatives; - give the participants an opportunity to integrate into the international team and meet new partners; - help them discover another cultures, mentality and approaches to the human rights issues in different countries and societies; - provide youth with exchange of information, experiences and understanding of European values and rights.

The methods employed over the training will be: * visual presentations; * group work, group discussions and brainstorming; * group debates and role games. 

After the end of the training the participants are obliged to conduct the training for the target group of their organization, community concerning the Human rights. All the materials for the training will be provided.  

The project will be organized by Ukrainian public organization “Center of European Cooperation”. www.center-ukraine.org.ua 

Fees: visa costs, insurance and 30% of travel expenses are paid by the participants

We reimburse 70% of travel costs upon condition that the tickets cost not more than 250 Euro and provide the participants with accommodation, meals and training hand outs.

To take part in the TC you have to fill in the application form and to send it with photo to e-mail: TCHumanRightsUkraine@gmail.com  

Deadline: 10.10.2010.

!!!! If you need invitation, please write about this. 

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us:

e-mail: TCHumanRightsUkraine@gmail.com

tel: +3 8 099 931 7906