Aug 17, 2013

Young people from Gagauzia had their own Forum!

On 30th of July 2013 the Forum of Youth from Gagauziua was held in Comrat, during which young people discussed their problems and community issues in general. The forum brought together young leaders and active youth organizations,  among which the Regional Youth Council of Gagauzia, Miras-Moldova, White Rose, the Present Generation, the  Social Centre "Together for Life", youth initiative groups of villages Congaz, Lumina,  Dezghinja , Cioc Maidan.
The Youth Forum was attended by the authorities of Gagauzia.
The participants were offered a presentation on the "Youth Bank Gagauzia", the implementation of which began in July 2013. The participants had the chance to get acquainted with the opportunities to participate in this program.
Youth Forum was organized by the Regional Youth Council of Gagauzia within the project "Youth Bank Gagauzia" with the support of East Europe Foundation from financial resources offered by the Swedish Government through the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark/DANIDA.
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