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Error: at line 702 in file /var/www/clients/client33/web305/web/lib/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php:


Syntax Error in template "module_db_tpl:News;detailSample"  on line 1 "<div class="newsDetTempl"> {* set a canonical variable that can be used in the head section if process_whole_template is false in the config.php *} <p>{if isset($entry->canonical)}   {assign var=''canonical'' value=$entry->canonical} {/if}   <h3 id="NewsPostDetailTitle">{$entry->title|cms_escape:htmlall}</h3> {if $entry->postdate}  <div id="NewsPostDetailDate">  {$entry->postdate|cms_date_format}  </div> {/if}   <hr id="NewsPostDetailHorizRule" />     {if $entry->category}  <div id="NewsPostDetailCategory">      </div> {/if} {if $entry->author}  <div id="NewsPostDetailAuthor">       </div> {/if}  <div id="NewsPostDetailContent">  {eval var=$entry->content} </div>  {if $entry->extra}  <div id="NewsPostDetailExtra">  {$extra_label} {$entry->extra}  </div> {/if}  <div id="NewsPostDetailPrintLink">    </div>         {if isset($entry->fields)}   {foreach from=$entry->fields item=''field''}      <div class="NewsDetailField">         {if $field->type == ''file''}    {* this template assumes that every file uploaded is an image of some sort, because News doesn''t distinguish *}           <img src="{$entry->file_location}/{$field->value}"/>         {else}           {$field->name}: {eval var=$field->value}         {/if}      </div>   {/foreach} {/if} </p> </div> <br/> <hr size="1" style="color: #ddd;" /> <div style="margin: 10px 15px 0 15px;">"  - Unexpected "canonical", expected one of: "}" , " " , ATTR

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